Consignment information

Here’s how it works:

Send pictures and a short description of what you want to sell to our email,  If you have lots of things, give us a call at 203-326-1711 and we will arrange a visit.

We’ll review your items and let you know what we think about price and marketability. Once you agree with our evaluation*, we’ll come out to take pictures and measurements.

After that, it will be our job to properly describe your items and list them for sale on the sites we think are best suited to get you the best price. Sometimes we will list items on multiple sites and sometimes we may decide to contact auction houses such as Sotheby’s for the possibility they may take something directly.


Our consignment period is a minimum of 90 days with a maximum of 6 months unless otherwise agreed. Our consignors will receive 60% of the paid invoice less selling fees. We issue payment as soon as we receive payment and are cleared from any return policies. We offer paypal or direct deposit.  If you prefer, we can send you a check at the end of each month.  In the event of changes in the condition of an item, it is essential that the consignor let us know immediately. 

*By agreeing, you as the consignor are giving the Silk Purse the right to accept, reject or counter any offers received as we see fit.