The Silk Purse opened its doors in 1973 in New Canaan, Connecticut and for more than 4 decades The Silk Purse was the go to destination for people wanting to sell their fine home furnishings and accessories. Through the years, we developed a reputation for in-depth knowledge and expertise in selling everything... from fine antiques, silver, artwork and china to the funky or eclectic “who knows what it is, but we like it” sort of things, we sold it!

Today, the Silk Purse has relinquished our retail storefront in favor of selling online. We were just not getting the buyers through our doors and we were having to return to our consignors more and more of their items unsold.

How many times have you heard something like...

“No one wants fine china anymore, you can’t give it away”? Well, they may not be buying china in Fairfield County, but they sure are in Dallas, Texas!  The trick is to find a way to reach those buyers.  

Our services focus on the use of chosen online marketplaces. With our talent and expertise in knowing what we’re selling, through proper description and good photography, we will reach those buyers for you.  And we don’t just list an item and forget about it...we work the marketplace by incorporating promotions, finding the right keywords and categories, sometimes we deactivate listings to refresh and re-list them to reach the top of the “pile” again. We have a host of ideas.